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Our Products
     At Bib Drums we use Keller shells, which are the same exact 100% hard-rock maple drum shells that most of the well-known custom drum companies use.  With almost 50 years of experience in the industry, Keller Products is renowned for providing precision-built, custom-molded plywood shells to leading high-end drum manufacturers all over the world. Combine the best drum shells in the business with our top-notch craftsmanship and superior hardware and you cannot find a better drum.  Our custom drums are completely hand-finished using the highest quality materials!

      The goal of BIB Drums has always, and will always be to provide high-quality custom drums, made to your specifications, at an affordable price. We will strive to maintain 100% customer satisfaction from beginning to end. This company is our way of giving back to the industry and our love for creating music is what will keep BIB Drums alive far into the future.

     From the Basement to the Big Time! 
How one entrepreneur overcame tragedy and turned his passion for drums into a business.

     Dennis Nelson had a terrible year.  His father died of a heart attack and his mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Dennis told his former employer he needed time off to take care of his mother and he was let go.  His job search was not going well, and he found himself playing the drums more often to cope with the pain. 

     Months later Dennis’ wife, Crystal, who was warned she was probably infertile became pregnant.  They were elated with the news.  They named the fetus Bib (baby in belly). Dennis was very nervous as he was still searching for employment.  Dennis was really getting into drumming at this time and he wanted a new set.  The problem he encountered was that the only truly affordable drums were low quality.  Dennis had always been interested in woodworking, so he decided to make his own set. 

     Bib Drums is located in Milltown, New Jersey.  Since Bib had basically no advertising budget, they decided to sponsor a few local drummers and hold promotional auctions on eBay.  One of these promotional sets was actually purchased by singer Jessica Simpson’s Production Manager.  The news of Bib Drums is quickly spreading throughout the music industry.  Bib Drums are sure to be a major competitor of the likes of DW, OCDP and Spaun as they offer a truly custom, quality product.

Bib Drums are customized to fit their buyer’s needs.  All Bib drums are made of hard-rock maple; ensuring a warm, rich sound.   Finishing options are vast.  Bib offers a variety of wraps, however, they are a drum company specializing in high-gloss, lacquer finishes.   Choosing the high-gloss, lacquer finish offers more flexibility as stain can be mixed to match just about any color.  There is also a multitude of hardware to choose from.

     For a limited time Bib Drums will continue to hold auctions for custom drums on eBay.  To obtain further information about Bib Drums visit or contact Dennis Nelson by calling 732/816-1948 or writing

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